Beck Trail

Located in the Eastern end of Prince Edward Island, Canada, the Beck Trail stretches over ten kilometers of former family farm land. Beautifully preserved with an utmost respect to the nature surrounding it, the trail offers a unique journey into part of Canada’s smallest province. Contained within the paths are several boardwalks and bridges, stately hemlocks and antique farm equipment.

Originally family land dating back to 1880, the area was preserved as the John J. and Annie Beck Natural Area in October 2009. Owner Paul Jenkins then decided to construct a trail consisting of two loops. The front ‘Red’ loop is 4.6 kms, rated as a beginner/intermediate level biking trail. The back ‘Blue’ loop is 5.4kms and is rated intermediate/expert biking. The result is the Beck Trail, which is now open for public usage year-round.

After working closely with P.E.I’s mountain biking community, the trail was designed to be a challenging ride for bikers. It is still a multi-purpose trail that is open for bikers, walkers, hikers, dog-walkers and snowshoers.


10 km

1.5 - 2.5 hours

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