Harvey Moore Sanctuary

The trail is a pleasant one-hour walk for both bird watchers and hikers through various woodland types and open fields with some pleasant views of the back pond. Fishermen can try their luck in one of the ponds. This area is a haven for migrating waterfowl including Canada geese and black ducks. This sanctuary is a memorial to its founder, naturalist Harvey Moore.

A delightful place to visit, the well-marked and maintained trails offer up to 2.5 km of fairly flat walking. There are excellent bridges, boardwalks and natural paths in good condition that encircle the large pond.

Information plaques are posted around the trails giving details on wildlife and the history of the sanctuary. There is plentiful parking, toilet facilities, a childrens’ playground, a floating dock and gazebo for viewing the waterfowl and fishing trout from the pond.

Trail information sourced from https://www.islandtrails.ca


2.7 km

30 - 40 mins.

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