Are dogs permitted on the beach?

Dogs are not permitted on any beaches within the PEI National Park. This is to protect the dune system and our endangered piping plover population that nest in the sand dunes. Learn more here.

You are permitted to take your dogs on any beaches found outside the PEI National Park. Some nearby beaches include North Rustico, Cousin’s Shore, Barachois Beach, and Cabot Park.

Is there any public transit in Cavendish?

There is no regular bus service in Cavendish, however there are services available such as Red Sands Tour and Kari to help you get around the region. Check out the essential services section for more tour and taxi options.

If you want to visit PEI’s capital city, you can also book a ride on the City Beach Express. This daily shuttle provides transport between Charlottetown and Cavendish, with pick-up/drop-off locations along the North Shore and at several city spots.

Is there a fee to access the beach? 

Yes, there is a fee associated with entry to any beaches within the PEI National Park from late June to Labour Day and collected daily from 10am-6pm. There is no fee for anyone entering the park on foot or by bicycle. Learn more about National Park fees.

I would like to cycle the trails but don’t have a bike, can I rent one locally?

Yes, there are a number of bike rental outfits throughout the region, including Outside Expeditions in North Rustico, Mel’s in Cavendish and Shaw’s Hotel and Cottages in Brackley. Visit the Adventure section for all options and further information. 

When can I buy fresh lobster?

There are two lobster fishing seasons in Prince Edward Island. The spring season usually runs May 1 to June 30 and the fall from about August 9 to October 9. Lobster fishers in the Cavendish and the Green Gables Shore region fish during the spring season.

Fresh lobster can still be purchased between these fishing seasons at local fish markets such as Doiron Fisheries in North Rustico. Or, you can enjoy an authentic lobster supper at either New Glasgow Lobster Suppers or Fisherman’s Wharf from mid-May to October.

Why is the soil so red? Will it stain my white trousers?

The Island’s predominantly reddish-brown sandy and clay soils are occasionally broken by outcroppings of sedimentary rock, most commonly a red-coloured sandstone or mudstone. The heavy concentrations of iron oxides in the rock and soil give the land its distinctive reddish brown hue.

And, yes, the soil will stain your white trousers. Save those for your night at the theatre or seaside dining! 

Can I swim in the waters at the local beaches?

Yes, most definitely. Water temperatures peak in and around 21 degrees celsius in the peak of the summer.

You will find supervised swimming areas at Cavendish Beach and at the provincial parks, such as Cabot Beach. Please be very mindful of surf warnings. While our beaches typically offer a gentle and safe swimming experience, weather conditions can create dangerous riptides. Alerts will be posted and broadcast on our local radio stations when riptides pose a concern.

Will my US dollars be accepted at local shops?

Local retailers set their own policies and rates when it comes to currency exchange. Some will accept USD at a specified rate, while others may not. You are encouraged to carry some Canadian cash as well as a major credit card. Most shops, accommodations, and attractions accept major credit cards.

What do I do in case of an emergency?

For emergencies call: 911

When you arrive at your accommodation, try to take note of the civic address. This will be helpful information for the operator in case of an emergency that occurs at your accommodation.

What’s the legal drinking age on PEI?

The legal drinking age on PEI is 19.  Cannabis is also legalized in PEI and can be consumed by those age 19 and over. Likewise, smoking is legal for those 19 and over.

What’s the weather like?

Well, that depends! The Island boasts four distinct seasons, however the weather can vary significantly even from one day to the next.

Summer temperatures tend to range from 20°C to mid-30°C (70°F to 90°F). Sometimes it can be hot and humid, while other days it will be temperate with a gentle breeze. And, yes, it sometimes rains in Cavendish. Fortunately there are loads of indoor activities to keep the family busy during inclement weather.

Spring and fall temperatures tend to range between 8°C and  22°C (46°F to 72°F). Temperatures tend to drop as the sun sets, so dressing in layers is always a good idea! 

Winter temperatures can also vary, with norms ranging from 3°C to – 22°C (25°F to -7.6°F). Snow storms are not an uncommon occurrence throughout the winter months. The blankets of snow they leave in their wake offer plenty of opportunities for outdoor adventuring and/or embracing hygge and the cozy indoors!

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