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That Family Feeling

From family-friendly attractions to cozy cottages, Cavendish Beach offers you a sense of safety, familiarity and comfort. No matter who you’re with or what you do here, it feels like home.

That Maritime Spirit

At once coastal and pastoral, there’s no shortage of breathtaking scenery to behold here, offering a stunning backdrop for memories you’ll cherish long after you leave.

That Call to Adventure

Whether you’re inspired by fresh-cut foreways, lazy beach days or the thrill of new trails, adventure awaits you here.

Stay Your Own Way

From century-old heritage homes to modern condos, seaside cottages to charming campgrounds, you’ll find the perfect place to rest, no matter your budget, group size, or style.


Planning what you want to do on a trip shouldn’t be stressful. That’s why our Cavendish insiders have curated a wide variety of activity packages to make your vacation on PEI’s North Shore perfect for you.

Find a package that inspires you and book early to enjoy a bonus!

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