That Cavendish Feeling

You can’t quite describe it. But it’s familiar.

It’s a sense of wonder. The striking contrast of red cliffs and white sand. 

It’s the sound of laughter carried on the breeze. Sandy skin and the smell of sunscreen. Smiles on the people you love the most. 

It feels like home. On your first visit and forever after—this is exactly where you’re supposed to be. 

From the timeless charm of Green Gables to the breathtaking Ferris wheel view to teeing up with the ocean sprawling out before you—every corner of Cavendish draws you in.

This is a special place. And there’s something here for everyone. The joy of family. The beauty of the coastline. The call to adventure. You’ll find it all here.

Each time you visit, you’ll rediscover that Cavendish feeling. You’ll make new memories, find reasons to stay a bit longer, and always leave with something precious to hold onto.

Come home to Cavendish Beach. And find what that feeling means to you. 

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