The Best of Cavendish Beach Culinary Trail and Awards

Cavendish Beach

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The Best of Cavendish Beach Culinary Trail and Awards

We already know you love Cavendish Beach. We have sand for your toes, the sea breeze smell for your nose and the most amazing views. However, did you know we are home to some of the best culinary delights on the Island?

If you haven’t tasted Cavendish Beach – you are missing out! That’s why we have put together the Best of Cavendish Beach Culinary Trail and Awards! We have scoured Cavendish Beach, our taste buds have been tantalized from every inch of our home and we are proud to now have a list of the best places to eat!

With over 20 awards given out across Cavendish Beach, you are sure to find something you will love! We have highlighted a few of our favourites! Want to find out the best place for Coffee or the Best Breakfast? View the full list of winners below!


Best Lobster Roll

With so many amazing lobster rolls across the Island, this was a tough decision. However, the votes are in and Salty Pier in Stanley Bridge takes the cake (or roll). 

As soon as you taste this lobster roll, you can almost taste the Atlantic ocean in it. With just the right amount of savoury and a “pinch” of butter – this is a lobster roll you don’t want to miss.


Best Pizza 

You are going to want a “pizza” this pie. The pizza at Glasgow Glen is to die for with so many incredible options! This summer, Chef Jeff from Glasgow Glen, has partnered with chefs all across the Island to bring you unique dishes. Even better? Pizza isn’t just a main course! Glasgow Glen now offers “Sweeza’s” – pizzas for dessert!

Best Mussels

Best Mussels Ready to show your Mussels? Piper’s Restaurants at Glasgow Hills in New Glasgow is ready to show you theirs! These mussels are perfect as an appetizer and as a main dish! Don’t forget to bring a bib – with mussels this delicious you’ll be drooling before they get to the table.

Best Culinary Experience

With 25 years of experience, The Dunes Gallery and Cafe in Brackley Beach is the place to beat for the best culinary experience. While you are waiting for your dish – take a glance through the Dalvay gallery. Imagine tasting an incredible culinary experience while enjoying world-class art – this is what The Dunes offers every day.


Best Home Cooking

Sometimes the best taste in the world is a taste that reminds you of home That’s why Chez Yvonne’s from Cavendish Beach is for you! Experience the taste Mom’s cooking while still enjoying a perfect vacation in Cavendish Beach – complete with your daily vegetables on the side.


Want to know more of the BEST places to eat in Cavendish Beach? Check them out below!


Best Oysters – Carr’s Oyster Bar

Best Kids Meals – Pizza Delight 

Best Ice Cream – Cow’s

Best Baked Potato – Red Island Baked Potato

Best Fun Food Creation – Island’s Frozen Yogurt

Best Fish and Chips – Ship’s Company Pub and Gallery

Best Donair – Greco Pizza

Best Coffee – Samuel’s Coffee house

Best Grilled Cheese – Moo Moo Grilled Cheese

Best Burger – Boom Burger

Best Farm to Table Restaurant – The Pearl Eatery and Oyster Lounge

Best Lobster Supper – Fisherman’s Wharf

Best Seafood Platter – Pier 15 Restaurant at Fisherman’s Wharf

Best Halibut – Blue Mussel Cafe

Best Traditional Lobster Supper – New Glasgow Lobster Supper

Best Breakfast – PEI Preserve Company