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Cows Ice Cream – Cavendish Boardwalk

COWS began to make ice cream in 1983 with an old-fashioned family recipe that originated in Cavendish, Prince Edward Island. In fact, our secret COWS recipe dates back to the time of Anne of Green Gables and contains the same all-natural ingredients that were enjoyed by the children of Avonlea.

In a very short time the demand for COWS ice cream and products increased dramatically, and COWS quickly became a Prince Edward Island symbol as identifiable as Anne herself! Despite the growth that COWS has experienced, the same old-fashioned ingredients are still used today when making the 32+ flavors that are produced by COWS Inc. in Charlottetown. Each COWS ice cream is served in a hand made waffle cone, created one at a time, right at the counter.

In 1985, COWS introduced a fun assortment of clothing for its staff to wear. A great deal of attention was drawn to these clothing items by the ice cream customers; not only did the customers want to buy our ice cream, but they wanted to buy our staff clothing! Responding to this interest, COWS introduced a line of T-shirts and sweatshirts, which featured the colourful images of outstanding designers. The images became extremely popular and further products (caps, mugs, towels, sleepwear, etc.) were added to the COWS retail mix. COWS clothing and images have been seen around the world, and response to our online store has been excellent! Please visit us at www.cows.ca

Ice cream from an old-fashioned Prince Edward Island family recipe has been combined with a wide assortment of clothing and fun products to become the COWS store of today. While clothing sales now represent a major component of our business, it is our super premium ice cream that continues to drive the store’s success and keeps customers coming back for more!

9139 Cavendish Road


mid-May - mid-September, 2021

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