Forest Hill Trail

The Forest Hill Trail lies in north central KingsCounty, eight kilometers north of Bridgetown, and south of St. Peters.  It loops through a very extensive woodland area, over gently rolling terrain.  Much of the area is wetland, with deep swales, and including two sizable ponds.  On Whitlock’s Pond at the south west corner is a look out tower, and uphill at the opposite corner of the property is a 40 foot tower over looking the entire watershed.  This tower is no longer connected to the main trail system.

The trail can be accessed by two trailheads. The Corral trailhead has parking for horse trailers on the Rte 339 side, and the Main trailhead is on Rte 339 at the Whitlock Pond corner.

The treadways are wide and well cleared, especially where hikers and equestrian users might meet.  The total length available is 7.8km.

Ownership of the site is mixed, with several private landowners and the provincial Foresty division.  Island Trails uses this site with specific permissions, and under a license agreement with the provincial government.

In an area as extensive and varied as Forest Hill, a hiker or rider can expect to find almost every kind of tree, shrub, and forest plant; insect, reptilian and bird life; and fur bearers including predators and prey that you will find in any other part of the island. You won’t be disappointed at Forest Hill, by the trail or by the surroundings.

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7.8 km

1.5 - 2 hours

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