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Meat Pie Festival – Grande Finale

Do you believe you make the best meat pie in your local area or maybe even in PEI? Do you have a secret recipe of your own or a long-standing family recipe that’s been passed down from generation to generation which you believe will leave our judges salivating for more? If so, then Meat Pie Festival du pâté is for you!

Six regional competitions will be taking place between November 26 and December 16 across PEI. Regional competitions will be held in Rustico, Évangéline, DeBlois, Rollo Bay, Charlottetown and Summerside. 1st place regional winners in both categories outlined below will gather for the grand finale in Rustico on Saturday, December 16 (storm date for the finale is on Sunday, December 17).

Register and join us for fun and friendly competitions featuring two different categories of meat pie – the Traditional Acadian meat pie as well as the Non-traditional meat pie.

2023 Regional Competition Dates:

Rustico – Sunday, November 26 (afternoon)
Évangéline – Sunday, November 26 (evening)
DeBlois – Friday, December 1 (evening)
Rollo Bay – Sunday, December 3 (afternoon)
Charlottetown – Friday, December 8 (evening)
Summerside – Sunday, December 10 (afternoon)

Sat, Dec 16 2023

Farmer's Bank of Rustico

2188 Church Rd, Rustico