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Christina Martin LIVE at Penzie’s Bistro (Shaw’s Hotel)

Gahan Beacon Blonde Ale presents Christina Martin LIVE at Penzie’s Bistro (Shaw’s Hotel) July 22nd!

They say the mark of fine songwriting is when a song feels like an old favourite on the first listen. With Christina Martin, you can find an album full of tracks that feel like time-treasured classics, and brand new singles that feel like the song you got married to. Sharp as a razor and shining like silver, her songs blend the relatable and personal, painting portraits of love, loss, tragedy and redemption to soul-stirring effect. Her music dances effortlessly through Pop, Rock, Folk and Americana traditions but stays deftly unchained by any one label, refusing to be pigeon-holed and unafraid to dip into stranger waters. The hooks hook, the hits hit hard, the words stop you dead and the music demands to be heard. Seven albums in with an eighth on the way, Christina Martin’s music is there for anyone who’s felt up against impossible odds, yet refused to lie down.

Seating begins at 6:00pm (Please call 902-672-2022 to reserve a time slot for dinner before the show. We recommend reserving before 6:30pm if you would like dinner.)

Show: 8-10pm Approx.

Your tickets reserve your table. Please call 902-672-2022 for questions about accessibility, and if you would like to sit with another group. The event is a relaxed show -the lights will be dimmed and the music is not too loud.

The show is all ages, however minors must be accompanied by an adult.

Rooms and Cottages available! Call 902-672-2022 to reserve.

Fri, Jul 22 2022

8:00pm - 10:00pm

Shaw's Hotel & Cottages

99 Apple Tree Rd, Brackley Beach



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