Robinson’s Island Trail System

Prince Edward Island National Park is putting on the R.I.T.S.! Welcome to the Robinsons Island Trail System, also known as the “R.I.T.S.”, – 5 kilometers of multi-use trail and the newest addition to the park’s outdoor offer. Located on a small island that was once home to a popular campground, this family-friendly trail has options for hikers and bikers of all levels. Designed as a “stacked loop,” explorers can choose a shorter or longer route depending on skill level or time constraints.

The trail has been designed with mountain bikers in mind and features 11 technical trail challenges located in spurs that break off of the main trail. An afternoon at the R.I.T.S. is an outdoor adventure meant to challenge beginner to intermediate mountain bikers, but those who dare not test their skills on the ramps and teeter totters need not shy away; just skip the branches and stick to the main trail for a beautifully scenic cycling adventure.


5 km

50 - 70 mins.

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