Dromore Woodland Trail

The Dromore Woodland Trails consist of four sections totalling roughly 14 km (including loops and connectors). It provides numerous route choices for short, half-day or full-day hiking experiences. An attractive wooden sign identifies each trail head, and trail markers guide hikers at intersections.

As you walk along the trail, pause often to catch the busy burbling of the stream, the annoyed chattering of a squirrel, the warbler’s trill or the woodpecker’s drill. As the ever-present Island breeze soughs through the trees, feel its cooling breath on your face. Follow the sunlight filtering through the canopy, stippling the tree trunks. Find the tunnel entrances of small creatures in banks and under tree roots. Look carefully at the deadfall littering the forest floor that provides wildlife cover, a nursery for seedlings, and a source of compost for the living trees.

If you tread lightly in this special wilderness, you will reap its generous rewards.

Trail information sourced from https://www.islandtrails.ca


14 km

2.5 - 3.5 hours

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