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Cavendish Beach – PEI National Park

If you vacation in Cavendish, but don’t visit Cavendish Beach, were you ever really there? We daresay the answer is ‘no’. 

Renowned for its miles of unspoiled beachfront, sandstone cliffs, and barrier islands, Cavendish Beach is where lasting vacation memories are made. Building castles in the sand. Swimming in the gentle waters. Bathing in the warm sunshine. Strolling along the shore as the sun sets. No matter what your style, you’ll be daydreaming about your Cavendish Beach days long after the sand between your toes has disappeared.

While you’re visiting, take advantage of the park’s walking trails and many interpretive programs on beach ecology, geology, wildlife, and archaeology. You’ll no doubt learn a few fascinating facts about our Island’s ecosystem and be treated to stunning vistas along the way.  

The Gulf Shore Parkway offers a beautiful scenic drive through the park and features many access points to the beach, safe parking spots and walkways to the water. At the main beach entrance, you’ll find a supervised swimming area and washroom facilities. A reminder that pets are not permitted on the beaches within the National Park, in an effort to protect the endangered Piping Plovers that nest in the beach sand and dunes.


590 Graham's Lane


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