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Rustico Surf Club Board Meeting

We get asked a lot of questions about surfing on Prince Edward Island and we’re always stoked to pass along any forecasting tips we’ve gathered over the years.

This Sunday we’ll be having an abbreviated forecasting workshop, at our shop location in North Rustico, where Andrew will share “10 things you need to know about surf on PEI in 20 minutes.”

Get the answers to questions like:

⁃ but isn’t it cold?
⁃ Why do you do it?
⁃ When are surfing lessons?
⁃ How do I start?
⁃ Are dry-suits necessary?
⁃ Where’s the best surf in July/August?

…all of this and maybe even a bit more!

This will be a great opportunity for a little Q & A afterward for any visitors who are curious to start cracking the code on the coast.

Hope to see you there!

Sun, Aug 6 2023


Seawalk Park

106 Riverside Dr, North Rustico