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L.M Montgomery – Celebrating 150 Years

As we commemorate Montgomery’s 150th birthday in 2024, it’s impossible not to reflect on the enduring impact of her work. “Anne of Green Gables” has been translated into dozens of languages, and adapted into numerous films, television series, and stage productions, ensuring that Anne’s story remains alive and cherished by audiences worldwide. Along with Anne of Green Gables, Montgomery wrote many other books, short stories, and poems including Emily of New Moon, Jane of Lantern Hill, and Pat of Silver Bush. Her stories and characters were relatable in the time they were written, and still resonate with readers today in a very different society.

Prince Edward Island undoubtedly greatly impacted Montgomery’s stories, and we are excited to celebrate her life and legacy in PEI in 2024! If you are visiting in 2024, here are some things you should put on your list of things to do this year!

* See the PEI Photo Club display at the Cavendish Visitor Information Centre! This display is only open in 2024 to commemorate Montgomery 150.
* Watch Anne of Green Gables-The Musical in Charlottetown!
* Walk with Ian Carter on his photo rambles through Cavendish.
* Spend an evening with Philip and Leon Gallant as the entertain you with a music and stories in On The Shore with Maud
* Book tickets to Anne & Gilbert: The Musical
* Visit Green Gables Heritage Place and the Anne of Green Gables Museum!
* Create your own L.M. Montgomery adventure by taking a self-guided tour of the L.M. Montgomery Literary Tour. Pick up a free literary tour brochure at the Cavendish Visitor Information Centre!

To view all 150 events, click here to visit the listing of events.

If you are not able to make it to PEI in 2024, take time to read LMMI’s Maud150 Tributes which are individual’s reflections on their personal connection to L.M. Montgomery.

Stay tuned for events and more fun things to come!

Sat, Jun 15 - Sun, Dec 1

Montgomery Park (Formerly Cavendish Heritage Park)

1-7591 Cawnpore Ln - Rte 13


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