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Island Honey Wine Company

Creating beautiful, fragrant mead on gorgeous Prince Edward Island!

The Island Honey Wine Company opened on July 2017. It is situated in the scenic rolling hills of Prince Edward Island between Charlottetown and Summerside in the quaint village of Wheatley River.

Charles and Laura Lipnicki are the owners of « La Serena Farm » where the Island Honey Wine Company stands today.

This little piece of paradise tries to echo the harmony found in nature. A small herd of sheep mow the grasses and bring fertility to the living soils of the orchards. A free ranging flock of colourful ducks challenge the insects and pests that try to enjoy the fruits of farm labour. A friendly Great Pyrenees dog named Abby welcomes visitors as long as they have two legs, not four. She protects the livestock from coyotes and foxes. There are also several thousand honey bees that make this place their home and they are responsible for fruit pollination and honey production.

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820 Millboro Rd - Wheatley River - PEI


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