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Distiller for a Day – Fall Flavours

Experience the ultimate immersion in the world of distilling at our exclusive event, “Distiller for a Day.” With pre-purchased tickets, join us on-site for an unforgettable six-hour journey from Roots to Bottle. Harvest apples from our orchard, press them into juice, master the art of fermentation, and embark on a step-by-step distilling process guided by our experts. Along the way, indulge in locally catered lunch and snacks. Leave with a custom-created spirit, a personalized apron or glassware, and a newfound appreciation for the craft of distillation.

“Distiller for a Day” offers a rare opportunity to participate hands-on in the entire distilling process. Learn about apple cultivation in PEI, harvest the fruit, press it into juice, ferment, distill, and savor the results. Throughout the day, enjoy a catered lunch, local delicacies, and tastings. Depart with a bottle of your own crafted spirit, as well as a custom apron or glassware. This immersive experience will leave you with lasting memories and a deep appreciation for the art of distilling.

Sat, Oct 7 2023

9:00am - 3:00pm

Deep Roots Distillery

2100 N York River Rd, Warren Grove

$175 per person

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