Making Memories That Last a Lifetime… in Cavendish Beach


We all have those childhood memories… the ones that you reflect on and smile and that will last a lifetime. Most often they are of days with family and friends, doing the simple things. Memories are often the glue that keeps the family unit together, especially as life gets busy and children grow up. Bookshelves may be full of photos of smiling faces and families embracing, of vacations taken together and shared among family. Most often conversations with family shift to memories and highlights of time spent together, whether it be a family game night or a family vacation.

On Prince Edward Island there are beautiful beaches, amusement parks, campgrounds and golf courses, some of the best being in Cavendish Beach, a favorite for locals and visitors alike. When you’re fortunate enough to have memories on stunning Island beaches and world renowned golf courses, the memories are of beautiful summer days spent with family. With all there is to do in Cavendish, the location ensures there is something for everyone and really is the perfect family destination.

The best part of enjoying this beautiful destination? Continuing to recreate a family tradition from childhood to when you have your own family. There is nothing better than having fond childhood memories of vacation and then recreating it for your children to enjoy. Later in life, when life is busy and you grow up from spending time with your siblings and then have your own family, you’ll be recreating the memories that have stuck with you over the years. Returning year after year can also reduce stress when visiting a location, if you don’t make it to the golf course or to the amusement park, you can simply do it the next summer. Family favourites can be experienced year after year.

With all of the options of entertainment, coastal sites, beaches, etc. a vacation to Cavendish Beach does not have to be hard on the bank. Days spent at the beach, an evening BBQ while staying in a cottage, or enjoying your family around a bonfire at a campground and amusement parks, you can create the perfect trip of memories that fits within any family budget. Ensure children have the opportunity to help plan the trip and select places and experiences, making them feel invested and part of the planning of the vacation. Check out the Vacation The Kids Took Over package and let the kids plan your vacation itinerary. It is the best way to experience all the attractions in Cavendish Beach.

Make sure that wherever your travels take you, you make the most of each and every moment. It is often when things aren’t as expected, such as weather or travel delays, that you have the best time with your family, experiencing the unexpected. Go with the flow and enjoy every minute, someday soon you’ll reflect back and smile.