LOTTO MAX presents Cavendish Beach Music Festival: 5 Easy Ways to Convince Your Friends To Go

   5 Easy Steps, from the Experts:  

  1. Change your ringtone to “American Kids” by Kenny Chesney. Your friends will notice the upbeat song and think “wow, this is a catchy tune- I should really be thinking more about my summer plans”- or at least, you can pretend that.

giphy-2   2. Get them hooked on The Voice. They will fall in love with Blake Shelton and after that- it will be as easy as mentioning “July 8-10th?” tumblr_lzra85ej5d1rp44uwo1_500_zpsfb76f65e   3. Compliment them every time they have a piece of Denim clothing on. Tell them how attractive they would look in a field of cowboys & cowgirls because they do “an amazing job of pulling off that jean jacket.” So-Much-Denim   4. Enter all of the contests. How can they say no if you scored a free ticket with their name on it? {ps. if this happens they can’t say no, you’ve got them to go already} giphy   5. They say “It’s not my scene” and you say “So, you don’t like cowboys? There’s a cowboy in Toy Story. Basically you hate Toy Story?” They’ll be so upset that you dared say they don’t like Toy Story, that they’ll say “FINE” and go with you to the concert.   tumblr_muft5uyLoY1sq85i2o1_500  

Now they’re hooked on Country music, Cowboy boots and really great outfits.

See you @ #CBMF2016